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Realtime Realty

What is Realtime-Realty™?

Realtime-Realty is Canada's premier interactive marketing solution for real estate agents. Realtime-Realty gives a potential home buyer 24/7 access to key information about listings via SMS (cellular text messaging).

For the agent, Realtime-Realty provides detailed information about potential home buyers, a priority paging system to put them in touch with warm leads, and many other innovative features &emdash; all while maintaining the privacy of the home shopper and the real estate agent.

To encourage take-up and fully explore the market, PageMail has positioned Realtime-Realty. as a non-premium text messaging service, with no per-use charges for the agents, and no unexpected charges for the cellular subscriber.

Business Opportunities

In addition to it's most obvious function &endash; an information service &endash; PageMail is innovating in a previously untapped market with Realtime-Realty. With our easy-to-use, non-intrusive interface to the home shopper, we facilitate the initial inquiry for the "drive-by" shopper, who may not be serious enough about shopping for a home to contact an agent, but has their interest piqued by information provided through this mechanism.

Additionally, information which was previously unavailable to the listing agent becomes available . Knowledge about the relative interest level of the home shopping public for a particular property, and what other properties these shoppers are looking are it. This allows the listing agent to more accurately focus their marketing efforts, saving both time and money.

Benefits of Realtime-Realty.

The benefits of Realtime-Realty are real, compelling, and available to all.

Serious home shoppers will love Realtime-Realty, as they are able to acquire pertinent information about listed properties on an instantaneous basis. They will also enjoy the privacy afforded them by the system, and the priority agent contact mechanism, which can put them into touch with the agent while standing in front of the house, or reviewing their properties online.

Casual home shoppers — a currently untapped market — will love Realtime-Realty, as it allow them to gather information on an ad-hoc basis to satisfy their curiosity.

Listing agents and brokers will love Realtime-Realty, as it not only provides them with a source of qualified leads to increase their double-end potential, but also previously unavailable information such as the level of interested garnered by a particular property. Additionally, Realtime-Realty helps to convert casual shoppers into serious home buyers, helping the real estate market grow as a whole.

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