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What is Machine-to-Machine messaging?

Machine-to-Machine messaging (M2M) refers to technology using SMS technology to exchange information between computer systems. Typical examples of M2M include:
  • GPS fleet tracking, where the trucks, airplanes and other vehicles report their locations via SMS messages to a centralized computer
  • Smart power meters, where the meter reports power usage to the city on an ongoing basis, allowing the city to implement sliding-rate and demand-based billing.
  • Facilities management, where office equipment, HVAC and other controls use short messaging to send alerts or status reports
  • Home Automation — connecting burglar alarms, garage doors and other systems to the cellular network.

PageMail's expertise in M2M comes from years of developing rich mobile applications and monitoring systems. We support a variety of machine interconnects, including SMPP, TAP and GSM Modems (ETSI GSM 07.05 / v25ter).

Our M2M suite allows rapid deployment of M2M middleware, linking back office software and equipment in the field in simple, reliable, cost-effective, and accountable ways.