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Iris (Carrier Platform)

What is the Iris Platform?

Iris a carrier-oriented messaging platform that allows web users to communicate in real-time with cellular subscribers using SMS text messaging.

Platform Features

The Iris platform is much more than a simple Web-to-SMS gateway. It has a selection of useful features designed to increase the usefulness and useability of the platform, while increasing carrier ARPU.

Web Reply: Iris allows mobile users to reply to messages sent from the Internet. Mobile users can even carry on several conversations at once.

Web Chat: Iris allows web users to engage in one-on-one, or many-to-many conversations, similar to an instant messaging client or a chat room. Unlikely IM-to-Web gateways, however, the Iris Web Client has been specifically designed from the with ground up with the needs of mobile devices in mind. This means that mobile users do not feel like "second-class citizens" of the conversation, and do not miss conversational cues that other users in the conversation might see. Responsiveness: Iris has been designed to have a very low in-server latency, even under heavy loads, while maintaining accurate records of messages and backup copies of pending message queues. This insures that conversations have a "snappy" feel to them, encouraging subscribers to continue conversations through text messaging.

Convergence: Iris encourages users to use the same resources, such as contacts and address book groups, on both their personal computer and mobile device. Iris Web shares contact manager information with Iris Mobile Group Text, Iris Friend Finder, and other PageMail products such as the Doorman E-mail Gateway. In fact, the Iris Web client allows web users to transparently transfer their conversation from the web to their mobile handset!

Anti-Abuse: Iris uses a variety of technologies to curtail system abuse, including smart traffic monitoring, and the use of CAPTCHAs.

Security: Iris archives copies of all traffic through the system, and attaches identifying information, such as source MSISDN or IP number to it. The traffic is indexed and summarized in a readily searchable format, allowing PageMail's staff to quickly and effectively cooperate with any investigations requested by the carrier.

Accountability: Iris not only keeps track of message replies, it also requests, tracks, and summarizes SMPP MDRs (Message Delivery Reports). This allows Iris users to verify that messages have, in fact, reached their intended destination. Additionally, Iris users can view their recent transactions and conversations online, or download them from the web site.

Friend Finder: Iris allows mobile users to "reach out" to the internet at large, and request, via web site interaction or an e-mail message, a conversation with a friend who is not available by mobile.

Mobile Group Text: Iris users can use their address books groups to send mobile messages to multiple recipients in one single transaction.

Escalation: Built especially for the needs of the customer service and operations departments of any-sized corporations, Iris Escalation allows users to define groups of people and pyramid-like "patterns" for escalation. These groups and patterns can then be used to send messages from the web to mobile devices, and wait for a response. If the expected response does not arrive, the message "escalates" to the notification level, and so on, until the message is acknowledged.

How is Iris Delivered?

Iris is delivered as a hosted solution by the original developer, PageMail, Inc., in a state-of-the-art data center, with 365󬱚4 support. Iris is deployed on enterprise hardware offering multiple levels of redundancy and growth.

Iris may be fully customized and carrier-branded, and can be seamlessly integrated with existing carrier portal sites. Iris is available in three basic flavours:

  • Iris:bp Basic Portal
  • Iris:ep Enhanced Portal
  • Iris:ee Enterprise Edition
Who uses Iris?
  • Friends
  • Fleet Dispatch Operators
  • Field Technicians
  • Help Desks who require trackable escalation of crucial messages
  • Businesses wishing to audit SMS text messages (Sarbanes-Oxley)
Click here to download the Iris info sheet.